John Carter and the Hate band wagon

John Carter has earned its place in history as one of the biggest financial flops of all time. Just barely breaking even, the sci-fi film has been the victim of much ridicule, pandering, and hate. John Carter became the joke of the moment. The Nickleback of the cinema. Which is a huge shame because it’s actually a really fun movie. john_carter_monster_battleMost people who I spoke to about John Carter (who actually SAW the movie) ended up really enjoying it. And those that didn’t, simply didn’t. But no one could understand how everyone got on board the Hate Bandwagon so recklessly fast, especially against something that people haven’t even seen.

Perhaps it boils down to that inherent feeling to want to belong to a tribe, and by going against the norm you are going against the tribe. Everyone wants to be an individual, but everyone also wants to belong to something bigger. Remember when your parents told you to just be yourself in elementary school? Yeah, that was the worst advice they could have given us. We all knew that being yourself would most likely leave you friendless, while accepting the norm and going with the flow would make for an overall better school experience.

john-carter-critica-taylor-kitschThis same school mentality carries us through into adulthood. The pressure to still want to fit in drives many of us to adopt a tribe mentality, sometimes without us even realizing it. We become so ingrained into our want to belong that the other political party is always wrong! The other state’s sports team sucks! And hating on the currently kicked down band/movie/book is socially acceptable, and automatically puts you in the cool kid’s group.

So when rumors of a potential John Carter 2 started floating around, fans immediately took to the internet. Now that the trend of hating John Carter has passed, they could finally shout their approval in the hopes that this movie could be given a much needed second chance, without the fear of the masses raining down on their parade because they were too busy moving onto the next cool thing to hate on.

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