This M.A.S.K. cover song will rock your 80’s childhood


MASK was one of those shows I was into for a very short period of time. I had the toys. I watched the shows. I dug it. It was a fad and in less than a year became one of those franchises that just didn’t have the same amount of staying power as something like Transformers.

I haven’t seen an episode since I was a kid, and will probably keep it that way. I can’t imagine this show being any good from an adult’s point of view, but I can’t deny that intro song is absolutely BITCHIN!

So, of course when I go through YouTube I find this awesome cover song of the full MASK theme. It rocked the inner 80’s child in me so hard I just might have to check out an episode once again.

Who knows. It might not be THAT bad a series…

(it probably is though)

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